Vacation on my mind…

I would like to return to Venice this year, but I might just go to Devon instead. A friend of mine has a holiday let in a delightful part of that county.

I wouldn’t mind visiting New Zealand, reminds me of the Peak District here in Derbyshire – sheep, green stuff, sheep, mountains, sheep, but on a bigger scale. It looked stunning in Lord of The Rings.

About J.D.Hughes

Disclaimer: The profile photo above was taken when I was (briefly) young and cool. Writer, director and recovered ne'er do well. Simply delightful, but quite unhinged supernatural thrillers, NORTHMAN & AND SOON THE SONG on Amazon and several short stories, all of which contain The Meaning of Life. Or one of them. New novel to be published mid 2020, but on current performance might be posthumously... Likes dogs and probably was one in a past life.
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2 Responses to Vacation on my mind…

  1. John Russell says:

    Thanks for the mention, J. Best of luck with your new blog, which I shall read with interest.

    Can I also say that we have two other holiday lets in the same location which can be found at…

    The second of these sleeps 4 — in luxury!. And questions do ask with a follow up comment and I’ll respond.


  2. jdhughes says:

    It looks great, John. Devon is a wonderful part of England and quite a bit dryer than Cornwall, although I have a fondness for Falmouth, wet or not! Good luck from one ex TV type to another soon to be ex TV type! If that ever happens….?


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