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The Daily Grind – Getting Words Onto Paper

A recent post on David Gaughran’s blog discussed the difficulties faced by the novelist of grinding out a daily quota of words. For me it is less of a grind and more of a pleasure, but I thought I would … Continue reading

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Beginning A Novel

In response to Gemma’s post below, this is my take on starting that novel. First, I look at the story. What is it about? What is the main narrative thrust? What are you trying to say? You may think you are … Continue reading

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New Watchdog Site for Indie Authors

Recently pointed out by David Gaughran on Indie Reader, this site is a useful addition to the armory the Indie Author will need in the coming years. Good luck, Jessica!

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Progress of Novel #1

The  novel proceeds apace and is currently beng edited. It is amazing how many errors, either of fact or construction can creep in, no matter how careful I am. Fortunately, my main characters are their own people, so required no … Continue reading

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The Dark Shorts

My three short stories in the Dark Shorts series are available for free on Smashwords and Bomber is available free on Kobo and Barnes & Noble, but Amazon still wants to charge for them. So, if you would like to read … Continue reading

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