The Dark Shorts

My three short stories in the Dark Shorts series are available for free on Smashwords and Bomber is available free on Kobo and Barnes & Noble, but Amazon still wants to charge for them. So, if you would like to read one or all of them, it might be a good idea to get the free ones. Not that I would object to you paying for them, but I intended them to be free when I wrote them.

The downside is that I don’t get reviews on Amazon, but you can still enter a review on Smashwords, which is always appreciated.

Thank you to Helen from Wales, who was the first to buy a copy of Issue 49 on Amazon. I appreciated your review too! 🙂

About J.D.Hughes

Disclaimer: The profile photo above was taken when I was (briefly) young and cool. Writer, director and recovered ne'er do well. Simply delightful, but quite unhinged supernatural thrillers, NORTHMAN & AND SOON THE SONG on Amazon and several short stories, all of which contain The Meaning of Life. Or one of them. New novel to be published mid 2020, but on current performance might be posthumously... Likes dogs and probably was one in a past life.
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