I thought that with Christmas fast approaching and since my children have grown up and left home, I would get into the role of Santa one more time.

The last time I did this I set fire to my Santa suit and trod on a gerbil, so if you hear screams from the direction of Derbyshire it’s either me, an elderly gerbil  with a slightly bent leg, or the unemployed  storming the banks.

NORTHMAN is FREE on Friday 7th Dec. through to Sunday 9th. Only for Kindle at the moment, I’m afraid, but there’s a free app to read it on a computer available from Amazon, if you don’t have a Kindle. The paperback will be available in February or March from Amazon but will also be on this site, if I can figure out the technicalities. Any of my blog followers who buys the paperback directly from this blog will get a signed copy… possibly with a rude message, but more likely with my profound thanks!

If you do download itnorthman cover19e Blog, I won’t object to the odd review, but maybe not too odd. 🙂

Here’s the blurby stuff:

It’s out. Lock up your souls. Make it a big lock.

843 AD. A Viking raid on an Anglo-Saxon village in England sets into motion a train of events that results, 1200 years later, in the release of an ancient evil into the lives of two unsuspecting and damaged people: Kate and Michael. Then the descent into terror begins. Ultimate conflict. Ultimate sacrifice. But more is at stake than their lives, or their love.

I hope you enjoy it and Happy Xmas!  Download free here this weekend, 7th-9th December 2012:



Oh and have a splendid New Year!funny-pictures-of-cats-016-small



About J.D.Hughes

Fiction writer. Supernatural Horror Mystery AND SOON THE SONG. Supernatural Writer of supernatural thrillers, NORTHMAN, AND SOON THE SONG on Amazon and three short stories: BOMBER, ISSUE 49 and THE 500 on Amazon and Smashwords. New novel to be published mid 2018, but on current performance might be posthumously...
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  1. Lene says:

    what an excellent idea – I will share amongst my peeps.

    Sure, I have the Kindle edition already, but I’ll be first in line for a paperback. Looking forward to the rude message. 😉


  2. J.D.Hughes says:

    Cheers, Lene, knew I could rely on you! I apologise for you having to buy it – I had no idea about how KDP Select worked. When I found out, I thought it would be nice for Christmas. Your message will be as rude as I can manage, given that I like you 🙂


  3. Mari Biella says:

    Hope you had success with the free weekend, J.D.! NORTHMAN certainly deserves to do well; I’m reading it at the moment, and love it so far!


    • J.D.Hughes says:

      Thanks a lot, Mari! The free weekend was okay – it was a good opportunity to get NORTHMAN in front of an international audience, and I have to say I enjoy giving work away. A writer friend calls me fiscally retarded! Hopefully, I’ll get a few good reviews and more readers. Love to hear your views – good or bad – when you’ve finished it 🙂


  4. Any chance of an ePub version at some point? I have a Sony Reader and I’m not keen on reading at the computer.


    • J.D.Hughes says:

      Hi Louise and welcome to my blog. My apologies, but sadly it’s only in mobi until Amazon releases my soul in a few months time. I should be able to provide ePub then. The paperback is out in March. Like you, I can’t abide reading on a computer.


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