It was very exciting last night. Lots of people downloaded NORTHMAN and at one point the book was at #3 in the US Amazon charts for Horror and knocking on the Top 100 Free. I think I have my Goodreads, Blog and Twitter friends to thank for it.


Of course, I’m under no illusion that it means anything at all. Statistics tell me that Northman will lurk about in the back of numerous Kindles for many months and may never be read.


It’s gratifying that readers even download the book and there is always the chance that a few will read it and enjoy it. There’s a remote chance that even fewer will remember the book and when my next one comes out will download that, too.

It’s what authors want.


Most indie authors are not looking for fame or to make truckloads of money but, unless an author is an ego driven artist, we all want people to read our stuff. It’s funny, but I had my first two star review the other day and I was, quite perversely, relieved. The reviewer didn’t enjoy the last section of Northman, but was honest and compared it to Marmite: either love it or hate it. She also thought the first two-thirds was okay. I don’t mind that sort of review.

So far, in this free promotion, twice as many readers have downloaded the book in one day than downloaded it in three days last time. When the dust has settled and I have an opportunity to examine what happened during this promotion, I’ll post it, but I have a feeling that there is no formula and it’s all chance or due to sunspots. We’ll see.

In the meantime, despite a desire to constantly monitor the Amazon charts, my new novel is telling me to get off my fat bottom (it’s quite slim, actually) and rush out to research the way one of my characters appears to die. I haven’t quite decided whether or not he should depart early or stay until the show is over.

Or perhaps he hasn’t decided.

It’s a bit like life, this writing lark.

NORTHMAN is still FREE until the 11th April, so tell your friends, relatives and any cats and dogs with access to a computer to download it!




About J.D.Hughes

Writer of supernatural thrillers, NORTHMAN & AND SOON THE SONG on Amazon and three short stories: BOMBER, ISSUE 49 and THE 500 on Amazon and Smashwords. New novel to be published mid 2018, but on current performance might be posthumously...
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  1. Mari Biella says:

    Congratulations! I shall go and tweet about this at once. I’m not a great believer in the power of twitter, but you never know…


  2. J.D.Hughes says:

    Thanks, Mari! All tweets gratefully received and… you never know 🙂


  3. julietmchugh says:

    Marmite indeed. Surely a peaty single malt is more the ticket 😉 Glad it’s going well – I’m aiming for optimal online hours to spread the word (i.e. people just leaving and getting home from work). It’s still very cold here. I think Thorkild still lurks…


    • J.D.Hughes says:

      Now you’ve done it. Reminded me that I like a single malt. I was trying to forget it. My last Laphroaig was at 11pm last night and not a drop has touched my lips since. I only drink one small glass anyway or I get hiccoughs (hiccups?), so there’s the forged Hemingway rep blown! Thorkild has a barrel of blood wine before breakfast. Just like a Klingon/Viking.

      And thanks (for all the fish); any tweeting is welcome, Juliet 🙂


      • julietmchugh says:

        Wow! As long as 16 hours? That’s tough 😉 I think I shall indulge in a drop later so you don’t have to.

        I’ll be tweeting/facebooking in about 45 minutes. The school runners will be home and people will be fed up and having a sneaky Internet wander in the office. Or so my real-time stats tell me.

        People. So blissfully unaware it’s not only the Northman watching them 😀


  4. Lene says:

    I believe in Twitter. It’s definitely helped me sell books. (and have a lot of fun, too)


    • J.D.Hughes says:

      That sounded almost religious, Lene! I think Twitter is part of the marketing mix to which we all have to become used. On the upside, I’ve met, virtually, a lot of great people and talented writers whom I would not have met without it. Anyway, I’m an addict, now.


  5. Awesome! I shall vigorously promote the Northman even more!


  6. J.D.Hughes says:

    Connie, you are as always, wonderful and I appreciate every tweet you make! Just don’t get too friendly with Thorkild…


  7. J.D.Hughes says:

    They are certainly unaware that the creator of INKREDIBLE is watching them, Trembling in boots may begin and will demand the ingestion of methylated spirits (otherwise known as blended whisky) by sneaky Internet wanderers, once they know. :O


  8. Paula Cappa says:

    Number 3 for horror! That’s certainly a great place to be, even if it is temporary. Freebies in the current readership climate is tricky and difficult to predict. I have my second novel coming out by end of this month and I’m undecided if I want to go with KDP Select for the freebie option again or not. My first novel got well over 1300 downloads (hit #23 for top free 100s, and #9 in horror for about 6 hours), but it didn’t spark any new sales at all and maybe I got one review out of it. I’m thinking if a s/p author really wants to hit respectable sales, we have to advertise. I don’t see Twitter posts translating into sales for me, but I’ll tweet for Northman. Go, go, go!


    • J.D.Hughes says:

      You could always try your new novel on Smashwords for a few weeks to see if you get a result. If not back to KDP. I’ve had free short stories on Smashwords for over a year now and had quite poor results bearing in mind they are going onto iPad, Kobo, Barnes & Noble et al. Could be because they are free of course. One short, oddly free on Amazon US, has had more downloads than on all of the others platforms put together.

      #23 in the top free 100 is a great achievement! That should have led to further downloads simply because it was visible. I know it’s tempting to advertise, but can you really compete with the big publishing houses? Much dosh is expended pushing favoured authors, often without corresponding sales.

      Thanks, Paula, for tweeting, even though your faith has deserted you! We’ll wait until your new book is out and tweet the pants off it 🙂


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