Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for your support over last year, particularly those friends who reviewed one of my stories!

It seems to be years since I blogged and years since I commented on anyone’s blog. It’s not, but I have an excuse for my unsocial tardiness. WordPress insists on  changing my settings with the effect that I cannot receive any of your blog notifications, so I apologise for not commenting on those posts I did not get. I will rectify it, or close this blog and start a new one.

256px-Gustave_Courbet_auto-retratoI won’t go on at length since I know you will still be working off the Christmas turkey and other accumulated toxins from mistakes made at parties or, bored witless, during lost hours in front of the box.

Northman is now a paperback. It took me an inordinately long time to make it so and the journey was fraught with much hair pulling – although my family, neighbours and total strangers didn’t seem to mind losing so much hair, or grasping at impossible kitchen utensils, summer fail 4so I guess they understand the creative process. Said process, is, I think, an exercise in self-gratification since I doubt I will sell any actual books. Even if I do – at a price of $11.99/ £9.99 – I will only make a few pence per copy; the rest goes to Createspace/Amazon.  Financially, it does not make any sense, but it does feel good to have a box full of Northmen and be able to flip, sniff and fondle the actual pages. All is vanity…

_JDH5747TwitThe only other advantages I can see is that my local libraries have bought copies, a few literary reviewers have taken a book (they wouldn’t look at an ebook) and soon Thorkild and his Vikings will be marauding in many local bookshops, too. Small fish, small pond is my mantra for 2016. I might even give all ‘profits’ to local charities.

So, if you are considering going paper and you have the time, patience, energy and sheer persistence, do it. I have a book on my bookshelf alphabetically – if not creatively –  equal to Hemingway and my children now consider me an author!

Despite my previous comments, it is relatively easy to use the Createspace template for anyone of average intelligence… that may be why I found it especially difficult.

So, if you want any advice about this massive money making opportunity (for Createspace and Amazon), let me know and I will try to help you.

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I hope all of my writer friends have a creatively and financially humungous 2016, sell millions of books from their Caribbean beach houses and all of my reader friends find perfect reads all year long!

ps The Northman paperback is not yet live on Amazon, but is live on the Createspace link.






About J.D.Hughes

Writer of supernatural thrillers, NORTHMAN & AND SOON THE SONG on Amazon and three short stories: BOMBER, ISSUE 49 and THE 500 on Amazon and Smashwords. New novel to be published mid 2018, but on current performance might be posthumously...
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  2. Terry Tyler says:

    How good it will be to see your books in libraries and, with luck, in local bookshops. Well done! And for actually DOING it…
    It does piss me off that some reviewers won’t take ebooks. It’s the word on the page that matters, after all… I read everything via my Kindle app, from the most literary historical non-fic to a zombie apocalypse self-pub. Daft snobs, eh.


  3. J.D.Hughes says:

    Jeez, that was quick, Terry!! Thanks for your kind words – always appreciated. I can see that some reviewers have an aversion to Kindle, but I agree that it’s the words that matter. As for the process, it feels sorta fake, but it is good to hold a physical book!


  4. It’s good to see you back, sir! We’ve missed your wry wit and sharp observations here on this side of the pond!


    • J.D.Hughes says:

      I’ve missed you too, Connie! I get two or three days of blogs then nothing. I complain and they reset it. I think the ghosts in my 17th century cottage are, as one of my old TV crew members was wont to say, ‘having my pants down’!


  5. Reblogged this on Edgewise Words Inn and commented:
    The always wise, ever sharp J.D. Hughes discusses his challenges in getting his book published in the UK via Amazon’s CreateSpace.


  6. Paula Cappa says:

    Print editions are ever so important, even if they are not read by the masses these days. I especially enjoy my print editions being shelved at the local libraries. You might even get your librarian to feature your book on a bookstand for more “local author” attention. Or announce it in their Enewsletter. Enjoy J.D.


    • J.D.Hughes says:

      Thanks for that, Paula! I am hoping the library thing will help. I’ll ask them about featuring my book as a local author. One large bookshop turned it own because it didn’t have embossing and spot metallic. This would actually look pretty good on Northman, but Createspace is either full gloss or a sort of rubbery, easily marked matt. I might look around for a local printer. Do you use Createspace?


  7. Lene says:

    Congratulations! It’s a great book (still gives me the shivers when I think of it too much). Hope this will help many more people discover it/


  8. J.D.Hughes says:

    Thank you, Lene – kind of you to remain scared 🙂


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